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You. Will. Be. Attacked. What’s your plan?

You will be attacked in this current internet environment. It is either happening right now or you are being “probed” to be attacked! The malicious actors of the internet community are intent on practicing their craft on unsuspecting businesses. They do not care if you are a business, school, trade, financial house or zoo. At one time security was an afterthought but now entire large business chains are being hacked, private information is stolen, encrypted or sold off to competitors. Do you know the value of your data? Or your customers data?

CyberSecurity Strategy

A good strategy has multiple elements to it. One part is discovering the IP (intellectual property) you have and how to best guard from theft, manipulation, malicious attack and loss. That can be a process, product, virtual data or physical manufacturing. Also understanding how people probe and attack your IP and company for weaknesses is important and we help educate you in this. We also do user awareness training and testing to show in reports where your staff is in security awareness, which is a critical part of growing savvier to attacks and how staff should respond.  Our approach is:

  • Discuss reasonable goals based on your business
  • IT Health check for data systems and servers
  • Ethical hacking and pen testing reports
  • Discover your current baseline for services – where are you?
  • Security practices hardening and risk assessment
  • Cyber Risk Incident Plan for management and staff
  • Discuss if SOX and ISO compliance is a factor for business

We specialize in security assessment baselines, survey, strategy and also coming up with a mediation plan for staff to follow in simple terms. Security is best thought of in “rings” for your services and core offerings. Each offering has a risk associated with it and we tailor a plan to manage the security footprint in your organization.

A few survey questions:

  1. When did you last change the admin password on your servers?
  2. How many people have access to your servers?
  3. How many people know the security code on your operation front door?
  4. Where do you keep your access logs to critical resources?

Connect with us to tailor a reasonable plan that fits your need.