Multinational Goldmining Corporation

Needs & Requirements

Office 365 migration and integration

Expertise & Process

Number of Users: 280 | Business Units: Multiple dispersed in Northern Ontario sites

Scope of Work: Move all corporate users from US-hosted email solution to MS Cloud messaging/OCS.

Business Challenge: The production email was in the US on hosted servers with a 3rd party company. We needed to move this to the cloud as fast as possible for all business units consolidating email and increasing security. 3rd party company is not allowing a bulk download export of email and relationship with this company is very bad and potentially damaging to company.

Work Tasks:

• Client engagement, Project charter and consulting scope of work developed
• Lead Project kick off, WBS with IT team, Senior Management setting expectations
• Documented formal scope of work with schedule and hours, change order process and coordinated with on premise support staff user tracking when
tasks completed
• Risk assessment performed and included an agreed plan for unforeseen support and extra billable time
• Development of email communication plan and expectations for the company
• Coordinated 3rd party and in-house support team to roll out solution and tracked users with Excel
• Mediated support challenges and Microsoft support and powershell scripting
• Project delivered within 2 weeks, on time, on budget with all Calendars, email and cloud presence
• 360 Consulting interviewed client and feedback was very positive with delivery and morale high

  • Much higher productivity with new Outlook application and much higher mailbox size
  • Security concerns and identity management issues addressed
  • Much higher mailbox size
  • Much better email records management in the cloud
  • Annual savings over monthly server hosted exchange in US