Remote worker setups and help: Working remotely amidst Covid-19

VPN help

The news has declared a global pandemic. Costco shelves are emptying, workplaces and schools are shutting down. We know this is going to impact businesses all over North America dramatically. My question: How is your IT service desk dealing with such in increase of requests to work remotely for ALL users of a corporation? How fast can your business scale up the remote VPN policy and setup given the sudden increase of support requests? A stressful time for IT professionals, and the potential of lost hours and opportunity. Your business may need quotes for hardware solutions and an increase of remote connection/VPN licencing, etc. Your IT staff and service desk may need to work through a dramatic increase in workload and have to assist potentially 100/1000’s of remote worker setups and inbound/outbound data bandwidth.

If you need help planning and/or remote setup assistance – please give us a call and we can advise you and quote for some options or support solutions. We have channel partnerships with Cisco, Dell, Microsoft. We are connected with vendors of VPN/Firewall and remote connection solutions paired with proven strategy that can help in coming weeks and months of crisis. Lets plan this together.

IT consultant with oodles of years of experience in security and systems planning and business engagements for IT projects.